Burton provincial court matters temporarily relocate to Fredericton


Effective June 1, all court matters scheduled in Burton are moving to the Fredericton Justice Building until further notice.

A release issued Friday says COVID-19 restrictions exposed challenges at the Fredericton Justice Building, including holding jury trials, catching up on deferred matters in the Court of Queen's Bench and managing the heavy Provincial Court Docket.

The Department of Justice announced earlier in May that the Court of Queen's Bench for Fredericton would be moving to the Fredericton Convention Centre, allowing a fourth full-time Queen's Bench courtroom.

Attorney-General Andrea Anderson-Mason said in a release that moving the Queen's Bench out of the Justice Building will allow an extra courtroom to be dedicated to the provincial court docket.

The province says once COVID-19 related restrictions are removed, the Queen's Bench is expected to return to the Fredericton Justice Building and the Burton Provincial Court resources will move back.

The Department of Justice says it expects to make further announcements soon on the resumption of non-urgent court matters.