One in 10 female post-secondary students sexually assaulted in school setting: study

University Students

A new study says more Canadian university and college students who identify as women were sexually assaulted in a postsecondary setting over a year than those who identify as men, with the majority of sexual assaults perpetrated by other students.
Data released today by Statistics Canada show 11 per cent of students who identify as women were sexually assaulted in a college or university setting in the year before the survey, compared with four per cent of those who identify as men.
The study says sexual assaults in the postsecondary setting during that period most often took the form of unwanted sexual touching, which accounted for 86 per cent of incidents for women and 83 per cent for men.
It says other students were behind the sexual assaults in similar proportions for women and men, 60 per cent and 61 per cent, respectively.
The data show students also carried out the majority of other unwanted sexualized behaviours such as catcalls and unwelcome physical contact, with 80 per cent of women and 86 per cent of men who experienced such behaviours saying their peers were behind the incidents.
The study says relatively few students reported that a person in a position of authority, such as a professor, engaged in such conduct, but it was more common for women who had experienced unwanted sexualized behaviours than men.