Action needed to end anti-Black racism in public service: advocates


Advocates are calling on the federal government to address anti-Black racism in the public service by implementing timely changes, not long-term promises.
The national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Chris Aylward, says anti-Black racism in the federal public service is widespread and there are limited opportunities for career growth or advancement for Black employees.
The Liberals have pledged in the 2021 budget to make changes to the Public Service Employment Act that aim to promote a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
They also promise to spend 285 million dollars over five years to collect disaggregated data that will help in understanding the experiences of people of colour in Canada.
The Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada's executive vice-president, Norma Domey, says she's the first Black executive in her institute's 100-year history.
Domey says the staffing process in the public service is not transparent, and Black employees fear retaliation if they challenge the system.