After bitter campaign and protracted vote count, clarity could finally come today

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His back against the wall, a frustrated Donald Trump is lashing out, spinning an elaborate conspiracy theory as he tries to maintain his grasp on the presidency.
Convinced that Democrats and so-called deep-state forces are conspiring against him, the American president is vowing to take his fight against ``illegal votes'' all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
He claims, contrary to the facts, that he won the election on Tuesday and that the ongoing efforts to count mail-in ballots are little more than a bid to steal his victory.
Those ballots, which thanks to the pandemic have slowed the 2020 election to a crawl, were slowly eating away at the president's re-election hopes.
In Philadelphia, Trump supporters were kept apart from a raucous, celebratory crowd of Joe Biden fans outside the convention centre where votes were being counted.
Pennsylvania is worth 20 electoral college votes, must-haves for Trump, who is lagging Biden in the race to the 270 needed to claim the presidency. Biden, who is within easy striking distance of the magic number, has many other pathways to victory.