All SNB Centres to reopen by July 13: province

Service NB

All 33 Service New Brunswick (SNB) Centres will reopen by July 13.

In spite of the reopening, the province is reminding the public that most services can be accessed online or through Tele-Services at 1-888-762-8600.

A release states SNB is looking at ways to offer more high demand services online, including writing a driver's test and changing an address.

Service New Brunswick Minister Sherry Wilson says in the release, "Our plan is to increase our service offerings both online and through Teleservices to ensure fewer service disruptions as part of our preparations for a possible second wave of COVID-19."

On Wednesday, the province announced all licences, registrations, certificates and permits issued by the Province of New Brunswick that were valid as of March 16 will remain valid until July 31.

Documents suspended by a court or by another authority under an Act of the Province do not qualify for the extension.

Service New Brunswick says many renewals can be completed online.