As COVID-19 cases surge, public health expert calls for stricter measures


Public health experts are raising alarm over surges in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across several provinces.
Ontario and Quebec respectively are reporting 3,270 and 2,546 new cases of COVID-19 today as well as dozens of additional deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus.
Roxane Borges Da Silva at Universite de Montreal's school of public health says Quebec must impose tougher lockdown rules to curb rates of infections and hospitalizations.
She says the measures could include mandatory curfews or the closure of manufacturing industries that account for many COVID-19 outbreaks.
Quebec and Ontario imposed partial lockdown rules over the holiday period in an effort to get the pandemic under control and ease pressure on their strained health-care networks.
Meanwhile, Canadian politicians at the federal and provincial levels are facing criticism for taking trips abroad despite advice to avoid non-essential travel.