Bathurst's mayor says municipalities should have right to legislate Glyphosate use

Glyphosate spray

Bathurst's mayor is weighing in on a plan to apply Glyphosate to land within the city's watershed area next month.

After consulting with the province's Department of Environment, Paolo Fongemie assures citizens the city's water supply is safe.  

But the mayor says he doesn't like that private landowners apply Glyphosate within the city's watershed.

Fongemie says there needs to be further debate on the matter and believes municipalities should have a right to legislate the use of Glyphosate within their boundaries.

He adds municipalities should also be able to legislate when it comes to use on private or Crown land within their watershed territories, even if outside the municipal limits.

While he says the focus seems to be on the forestry sector, Fongemie there also needs to be concern for use of Glyphosate by the agriculture sector within the watershed.