Bathurst: Systems, procedures in place to guard against cyber-attacks, malware

CKTB NEWS - Cyber attacks

The City of Bathurst says its computer system is relatively safe against cyber-attacks.

This after the Tribune reported the City of Campbellton's computer system was temporarily locked down by a 'Zero-Day' virus last summer.

Bathurst's Luc Foulem says the city has multiple layers of protection to mitigate such attacks but adds even with the latest technology in place, it can never be guaranteed they will never occur.

Foulem says the city has fallen victim to similar attacks in the past and has successfully recovered due to systems and procedures in place.

He says each instance was analyzed in an effort to develop new security policies, procedures, and system settings in an effort to minimize risk.

Most of the time, Foulem says, such attacks begin by somebody unknowingly opening at attachment or downloading content which contains the virus or malware.

In Campbellton's case, the incident occurred when a worker opened an e-mail that appeared to be from a company they deal with on a regular basis.  They managed to regain access to the system without losing any files.

Foulem says if such a 'bug' managed to get into Bathurst's network, there are backups that run to protect files.

He says the city also has a 'closed-network replication process in place' ensuring backups are stored in a secondary off-site location making infection 'very unlikely'.