Beresford marks 16th consecutive year without tax rate hike

beresford crest

No tax increase for the citizens of Berseford in 2021.

The town announced Thursday that it's the 16th consecutive year without a a tax rate increase, adding the cost of water and sewer services will also remain steady.

It says the balanced budget, adopted earlier this month, includes funds earmarked for the completion of the Edmond Aube Park in Foulem subdivision as well as a regional trail connection with Bathurst, and some street-paving projects.

Due to our prudent and responsible financial management and our careful long-term planning, we are able to maintain a stable budget over time while offering quality infrastructures and services to our citizens. 

Mayor Jean-Guy Grant says responsible financial management, along with long-term planning, allowed the town to keep a stable budget over time while offering quality services and infrastructure to citizens.

The town has managed to reduce its debt service ration by ten per cent over the past decade, allowing it to seize opportunities while minimizing money paid in interest.