Bill 21 supporters testify that religious symbols send wrong message to kids

Bill 21 (CTV News)

Supporters of Quebec's secularism law testified in court today that religious symbols have no place in schools.
Nadia El-Mabrouk, a computer science professor at Universite de Montreal, told the court that when a teacher wears a religious symbol in the classroom, it sends a sexist message to the children.
El-Mabrouk, who is Muslim, says she believes religious education should be left to parents.
Bill 21 prohibits certain government employees, including police officers, prison guards and teachers, from wearing religious symbols while they are working.
The hearings in Montreal combine four lawsuits challenging the 2019 law.
Philosophy professor Francois Dugre told the courtroom today that while a teacher who wears a religious symbol might not be openly proselytizing, their clothing makes free discussion in the classroom more difficult.