Canada adds 378,000 jobs in September, accelerating growth from August

Statistics Canada office

Statistics Canada says the country added 378,000 jobs in September as Canadians adapted to back-to-school routines and their parents back to work.
The overall gains in September brought employment to within 720,000 of pre-pandemic levels.
The agency says mothers and fathers had employment levels that matched what was recorded pre-pandemic, but notes it is taking longer for mothers to get back to regular working hours.
The number of mothers who worked less than half their usual hours in September was 70 per cent higher than in February, compared to 23.7 per cent for fathers.
Overall, the unemployment rate fell to 9.0 per cent, continuing its slide down from the record-high of 13.7 per cent recorded in May.
Financial data firm Refinitiv said economist estimates were for a gain of 156,600 jobs and an unemployment rate of 9.7 per cent.

In New Brunswick, unemployment was up one full per cent to 10.4% in September.

The provincial economy added 4,100 net full-time jobs, but this was offset by a net loss of 1,800 part-time positions and a 6,600 net increase in the labour force.

(With files from Bell Media's Charles M. Renshaw)