Canada's electric car strategy stalled

Electric cars charging.

A goal to get at least half a million electric cars on Canada's roads by the end of 2018 appears to have stalled.

The 2009 Electric Vehicle Technology Road Map for Canada, produced by a panel of experts in part for the Department of Natural Resources, aimed for 500-thousand cars by the end of the year.

Instead FleetCarma, which tracks electric-vehicle sales each quarter, suggests that by the end of 2018, the actual number was fewer than 100-thousand.

The report warned the electric-vehicle train was already leaving the station and Canada wasn't on it.

It outlines things the government and the private sector should do to ensure Canada didn't miss out on the economic and environmental benefits of an electric-vehicle industry.

The Liberals in 2016 promised a national strategy for electric vehicles by the end of 2018.

Thus far they haven't delivered and a spokeswoman for Transport Minister Marc Garneau says she can't say when it will come.