Canadians await U.S. presidential election in fear, says new poll

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A new poll from Leger and the Association of Canadian Studies says a clear majority of Canadians surveyed worry that the United States will fall apart if no clear winner emerges in today's presidential election.
The Leger poll found that three-quarters of those surveyed are worried about the election, and 68 per cent of worry that there will be a ``complete breakdown of the political system in the U.S. leading to a period of social chaos.''
The survey found that the possibility of significant civil unrest or violence in the streets on election day or the following days worried 77 per cent of respondents, while 72 per cent were concerned that Trump wouldn't accept the election result if he lost, and 62 per cent were worried about a stock market crash.
Four out of five respondents said they were concerned that increased racial tension would lead to protests and violence.
The poll also left no doubt who Canadians want to win the White House, 80 per cent favoured Democrat Joe Biden.
The survey of 1,516 Canadians was conducted using an online panel between Oct. 30 and Nov. 1.