CCNB Bathurst student photographs rare 'visitor' in Petit-Rocher

Harp Seal

Had it not been for the COVID-19 pandemic, students at CCNB Bathurst would have missed a rare 'photo op'.

With no internships or  laboratory access because of the pandemic, Environmental Technology students took to the field to document the biodiversity of the Bay of Chaleur region.

That includes 20-year-old Melanie Boudreau of Petit-Rocher who documented and photographed a harp seal at the Petit-Rocher Wharf, a fairly rare sighting in New Brunswick.

The students have been in the field sine mid-April hand have documented more than 500 observations of local flora and faun on the citizens science platform 'INaturalist'.

Teacher Marie-Josee Garand says coastal species of the Acadian Peninsula were already well represented on the platform but that the Bathrust region had very little data.

Garand says millions of people use the platform.