Cities of NB Association calls for commitment to municipal government reform

8 Cities NB

The association representing New Brunswick's eight cities is calling on provincial election candidates to commit to municipal government reform.

Cities of New Brunswick Association chair Adam Lordon is urging candidates to acknowledge the role cities play in driving the province's economy and sustainability.

He's asking candidates to commit to implementing key changes to municipal governance, property taxation, and supporting legislation aimed at giving cities the ability to participate in decisions directly affecting their cost, growth, opportunities, and residential tax rates.

Bathurst mayor Paolo Fongemie says municipal reforms are long overdue and would address inequities related to municipal services and costs.

Fongemie adds changes to property taxes would help address inequities related to municipal services and costs.

Lordon meanwhile, says the province's eight cities are its economic engine and that their long-term sustainability needs to be ensured so all New Brunswickers can benefit from continued economic growth and prosperity.