Clear and unequivocal: Thousands of scientists sign letter on climate crisis

Thousands of people took to the streets for a climate strike in Vancouver, on Oct. 25, 2019. (Melissa Renwick / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Thousands of scientists from around the world have released an open letter calling for action on what they call a climate emergency.

More than 11-thousand researchers, including 409 Canadians, have signed the letter published in the journal BioSciences this morning.

Those who signed it say scientists are increasingly willing to leave their labs to try to get the public to take seriously what research says is happening.

They say the old idea of a scientist as a neutral, silent provider of data is no longer enough when threats are so clear.

Others say most research is publicly funded and people have a right to know what their money has uncovered.

Dozens of Canadian scientists have already affixed their names to at least six climate change-related open letters since 2015.