Conservative MP. Senate leader travelled outside country over holidays


Conservative MP David Sweet has resigned as chair of the House of Commons ethics committee after travelling to the United States over the holidays.
Sweet's resignation Monday followed the revelation that the Conservative leader in the Senate, Don Plett, took a personal trip to Mexico shortly after Christmas.
Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole asked all caucus members to refrain from international travel over the holidays. But his office said Monday that Sweet and Calgary MP Ron Liepert were given approval by the party's whip to undertake ``essential travel'' to the United States.
Liepert's travel related to ``emergency repair'' to property he owns in California.
Sweet also travelled to the United States for an unspecified ``property issue.'' But, the leader's office said, Sweet then decided to stay in the U.S. ``for leisure'' without informing the whip.
Consequently, ``Mr. O'Toole has accepted his resignation as committee chair.''