Coroner's inquest into shooting death of Tracadie man wraps up

Michel Vienneau

The jury at a coroner's inquest into the death of a Tracadie man shot and killed by Bathurst police in 2015, has determined his death was a homicide.

51-year-old Michel Vienneau was fatally shot by Bathurst police after they received an anonymous Crime Stoppers tip he was on his way home from Montreal with illegal drugs.

The jurors head from 22 witnesses and made several recommendations including:  

  • Better communication between police and Crime Stoppers, 
  • Ensuring flashing lights on unmarked police vehicles are clearly visible when active, 
  • Officers should wear outer garments clearly identifying them as police officers,
  • Ensure all unmarked vehicles are inspected regularly and that all equipment is functional,
  • A uniformed officer should be part of the response.

The recommendations are aimed at preventing similar tragedies from happening in the future and will be provided to police forces involved in the case along with the New Brunswick Association of Chiefs of Police.

(with files from ICI Radio-Canada)