Cost of vehicle, heating fuels up in New Brunswick Friday

Gas pump

Gas, diesel, furnace oil and propane are all more expensive after the Energy and Utility Board (EUB) made its weekly price reset overnight.

A litre of self-serve gasoline now sits at a maximum of price of $0.97, up 1.7 cents on last week.

The EUB raised the maximum price for a litre of diesel by 2.9 cents to $1.034.

Furnace Oil costs 2.7 cents more a litre with the maximum price set at $0.874, while a litre of propane is up 0.6 cents to a new maximum of $0.965/L.

Many retailers will sell for a few cents less than the maximum retail prices.

The EUB usually resets prices at midnight Thursday, but this was delayed 24 hours to account for the Remembrance Day holiday on Wednesday.