Crabbe Mountain Report


Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Trails Open (Day): 32
Trails Open (Night): 5
Lifts Open: 2
Primary Surface: Groomed
Secondary Surface: Natural
New Snow: 10 cm

Trail Report
Beginner's Hill (Alpine): Groomed, available for night ski
Dave's Beginner Park (Terrain Park): Groomed, available for night ski
Dave's Dream (Alpine): Groomed: availble for night ski
Hume's Flume (Alpine): Groomed, available for night ski
King's Horn (Alpine): Groomed, available for night ski

Rockstar Terrain Park/Ski-out Lodge (Alpine): Groomed
Greg's Way (Alpine): Groomed
The Glades (Alpine): Natural
Little BRave (Alpine): Natural
War Dance (Alpine): Natural
Embree's Way (Alpine): Groomed
Pole Line (Alpine): Natural
Dax Trax (Alpine): Natural
Flume Chute (Alpine): Groomed
Snow Cross-Course (Alpine): Natural
Chair Line (Alpine): Natural
Elgee's Bumps (Alpine): Natural, lower-groomed
Norm's Nightmare (Alpine): Natural
Tippy Canoe (Alpine): Natural
Harold's Fun Run (Alpine): Natural
Dineen's Ravine (family trail) (Alpine): Groomed
G1: Diddle Daddle (Glades): Natural
G2: Diddle Daddle Glades (Glades): Natural
G3: Sun Valley Glades (Glades): Natural
G4: Whopper (Glades): Natural
G5: Poker Face (Glades): Natural
G6: Hot Dog (Glades): Natural
G7: Tony's Trees (Glades): natural
G8: Rock Drop (Glades): Natural
G9: Pugs Powder (Glades): Natural
G10: Slam Dunk (Glades): N/A
G11: Steve's Drive Thru (Glades): Natural

Dave's Jobb Park (Terrain Park): N/A CLOSED
Upper Dave's Dream (Alpine): Natural CLOSED