CRTC won't force wireless telecom companies to offer bills on paper


Canada's telecom regulator won't force mobile service providers to offer customers paper invoices, at least not yet.

Two advocacy groups wanted the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to force Telus-owned Koodo Mobile to reverse its move to electronic billing for all but a select few of its customers.

Koodo argued that, while the law says telecom companies cannot charge a fee for invoicing, they are not compelled to actually provide paper bills.

Since Koodo began switching to electronic bills in early 2015, most other wireless carriers, including Telus, have followed suit.

The commission ruled today that offering bills on paper or saving money by not doing so can be a competitive choice, but it doesn't have evidence of a market failure that requires the CRTC to step in.

To investigate further, it's looking to gather more information about other companies' billing practices over the next month.