Difficult day of testimony at Dennis Oland's trial

Dennis Oland 2

Multi-millionaire businessman Richard Oland did not have time to put up much of a defence when he was killed by the multiple blows that caved in his skull.

Pathologist Dr. Ather Naseemuddin testified there were only five defensive-type wounds to the back of Oland's hands, possibly caused as he initially tried to shield his head.

It was a difficult day Tuesday at the trial of 50-year-old Dennis Oland for the second-degree murder of his father, whose bludgeoned body was found lying in a pool of blood on July 7th, 2011, in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Naseemuddin carefully chronicled each blow inflicted on the 69-year-old former executive of Moosehead Breweries Ltd., counting 45 in total.

He agreed with the defence that the scene in Richard Oland's office was -- quote -- "a very bloody situation."

He said Oland was incapacitated very quickly.

The pathologist said most of the blows were from a sharp-edged implement that cut and chopped into Oland's head, in some cases through the skull to the brain.

There are also five injuries to the head inflicted with a round object.

Dennis Oland has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

A weapon was never found.