Edmundston, CCNB announce two projects for eco-responsible snow management

City of Edmundston

The City of Edmundston, in partnership with the CCNB-INNOV Network and the province announced two eco-friendly waste management projects yesterday.

A release says one of the projects will see the City of Edmundston monitoring contaminants from snow dumps and evaluating methods to control pollution and rehabilitate contaminated substances.

"The City of Edmundston and its Public Works Department are very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in a pilot project of this nature that will allow us to implement practices to better treat worn snow and thus have the least amount of snow. possible impact on the environment around us. Edmundston is already recognized as a leader in winter operations in New Brunswick. Once developed here, this project can easily be exported to all New Brunswick municipalities, "said Cyrille Simard, Mayor of Edmundston.

CCNB says the second project will inform and educate New Brunswick municipalities about waste snow dumpsites.

The CCNB-INNOV network will present the issues and challenges related to the current management of used snow in an awareness campaign.

"We know that snowmelt is polluted by various contaminants. This can cause significant problems for the municipalities where these polluted waters flow towards the rivers. It is therefore important to inform and educate New Brunswick municipalities about the importance of managing our snow in an eco-responsible manner and this is exactly what the CCNB- INNOV network aims to do in this project, "he said. Pierre Zundel, CEO of CCNB.

The CCNB-INNOV network brings together three applied research divisions and some thirty experts working on the development and innovation of businesses and communities.