Eel River Bar First Nation seeking to develop subdivision within Dalhousie


With a growing population and land threatened by rising sea levels, the Eel River Bar First Nation plans to expand within Dalhousie's current town limits.

The Acadie-Nouvelle reports the First Nation recently purchased private land in the town and seeks to develop a subdivision with up to 80 housing lots.

Chief Sacha Labillois says the project will help meet her communities immediate and future housing needs.

Labillois says development will be gradual, noting it will require multi-year planning.

Dalhousie mayor Normand Pelletier says the development could prove beneficial to the town when it comes to providing the new residents with services.

But the land could end up with 'reservation status' once the transfer takes place at the federal level.

Pelletier says Dalhousie will require federal compensation if that happens.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)