Environment Minister: Canada ready to set tougher emissions-cutting plans by 2020

Carbon emissions

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says Canada will be ready to set tougher emissions-cutting plans when the Paris climate-change agreement kicks in by the end of 2020.

She is heading to Poland next week for the 24th annual United Nations climate-change meeting, where the nations of the world are supposed to decide how each country will be held accountable for its promised cuts to carbon emissions.

A secondary discussion at the meeting is on demands that countries set more ambitious goals.

A report in October said Canada needs to cut emissions almost in half if it is to do its part.

Canada's current target is to cut them by about 27 per cent.

McKenna has been reluctant to look at setting tougher goals when the country's climate change plan is still not strong enough to meet the weaker ones.

But, she acknowledged in an interview, ``in 2020 everyone has to come back and be more ambitious,'' adding Canada will.

Catherine Abreu, the executive director of Climate Action Network Canada, says she is ``thrilled'' Canada is finally talking about increasing its goals.