Environmental groups question why federal Tories brushed off climate change policy surveys

Climate change

Environmental groups are wondering why the federal Conservatives brushed off two surveys on climate change policy when all other main parties provided detailed answers.

The surveys were released this morning by two coalitions of environmental organizations that represent more than six million Canadians.

Most parties gave extensive answers to questions on emissions reduction, conservation, and the protection of vulnerable economic sectors.

Tim Gray of Environmental Defence says politicians are beginning to consider environmental issues to be significant ballot-box questions.

The Conservatives declined to answer any of the questions, but supplied a brief summary of their previously released platform.

Catherine Abreau of the Climate Action Network suggests the party isn't taking climate change seriously.

Conservative spokesman Simon Jeffries says the party's climate plan is the most comprehensive ever offered by an opposition party.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians marched in at least 85 cities and towns across the country on Friday demanding climate action.

Conservative Andrew Scheer was the only major party leader not to take part.