Ex-PM Joe Clark campaigns for Security Council seat in Africa, Persian Gulf


Former prime minister and foreign minister Joe Clark is off to the Persian Gulf and Africa to campaign for Canada's bid for the United Nations Security Council.

But one leading analyst says Canada's feminist foreign policy may not be too popular in some of Clark's travel destinations.

Clark is beginning a one-week trip today as ``special envoy'' to Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt to campaign for Canada's bid for a temporary two-year seat on the UN's most powerful body.

The secret ballot at the UN General Assembly takes place in June for a two-year term starting next year.

If elected, the Trudeau government says Canada will continue to work to strengthen multilateralism, foster peace, address climate change, promote economic security and advance gender equality.

Bessma Momani, an expert in Middle East affairs at the University of Waterloo, says Clark won't get a very receptive audience to the government's push for women's rights in some of the countries on his itinerary.