Federal party leaders square off in debate

Federal party leaders

The six federal party leaders duked it out together on one stage for the first time in this nearly month-old election campaign.

As the incumbent prime minister, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau expectedly bore the brunt of the attacks, with the sharpest coming from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who called him ``a phoney and a fraud.''

Trudeau needled him back for not yet releasing a costed election platform, and about his promises to scrap the carbon tax.

The NDP's Jagmeet Singh piped in to say Canadians have other options on climate policy, and ``do not need to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny.''

Green Leader Elizabeth May said Trudeau's plan to fight climate change doesn't go far enough.

People's Party Leader Maxime Bernier was taken to task by rivals for wanting to cut Canada's immigration targets in half.

And Bloc Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet defended Quebec's secularism law, which bans certain public servants from wearing religious symbols at work.