Feds 'missing opportunity' to ensure political parties covered by privacy law


A not-for-profit group that promotes public awareness of digital rights says the Trudeau government has missed an opportunity to ensure political parties come under federal privacy law.
Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains introduced a bill this week aimed at giving Canadians greater control over their data and promising penalties for companies that run afoul of the rules.
But it did not heed long-standing calls from privacy and accountability advocates who want federal law governing personal information to explicitly apply to political parties.
Information about prospective voters is helpful to political parties for everything from door-to-door canvassing to shaping platforms.
In the age of algorithms and detailed databases, there are new concerns about how parties use such information to track and target people.
Bill Hearn, a lawyer for the Centre for Digital Rights, established by businessman and philanthropist Jim Balsillie, says the omission of political parties from the new Liberal bill is disappointing.