Feds to announce additional pandemic funding for off-reserve Indigenous People

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada is seen August 11, 2016.

The federal government is to provide more financial support to help off-reserve Indigenous People weather the COVID-19 pandemic.
The additional funding expected today comes amid criticism that the Trudeau government has largely ignored the plight of thousands of Indigenous people who live off-reserve and in urban centres.
Many of them were already among Canada's most vulnerable before the pandemic hit in mid-March, struggling with poverty, homelessness, food insecurity and mental health and addiction issues.
The Congress of Aboriginal People, which represents some 90,000 off-reserve and non-status Indigenous people, has gone to court over what it says is the ``inadequate and discriminatory'' funding it has received compared to other Indigenous groups.
In mid-March, the government created the $305-million Indigenous Community Support Fund, most of which went to organizations representing First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities to help them prepare for and cope with the pandemic.
Only $15 million of that was allotted for off-reserve organizations, even though they serve more than half of Canada's Indigenous population, and of that, CAP, which is seeking $16 million, received just $250,000.