'Financially unsustainable for us to keep our doors open:' Clinic 554


Fredericton's Clinic 554, formerly the Morgentaler clinic, has announced it can't afford to continue operations and is now for sale.

CTV Atlantic's Laura Brown reports on Twitter a statement from the clinic says, "it is financially unsustainable for us to keep our doors open, and the clinic has been placed for sale".

Dr. Adrian Edgar, Medical Director at Clinic 554 says that within 3 months of the clinic's sale, his 3,000 patients will be without a family doctor and will be returned to the province's waiting list for a family physician.

Edgar adds this is "all because your government could not agree to fund healthcare equitably."

Brown reports Edgar is pointing the finger at the province when he says the government would not cover abortions performed in a clinic setting.

She adds that Green Party Leader David Coon, who is the MLA for Fredericton South, believes there are two options to solve the issue, the first being the province could fund abortions at Clinic 554.

The second option, according to Coon, would be for Horizon Health to buy Clinic 554 and continue its services.

Brown adds that the clinic is up for sale as of today, and if it sells, staff will have 90 days from the date of sale to wrap up their services, and patients will be given 90 days notice of the closure.

(With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Brown)