Funding to improve water and wastewater services in St. George

New Brunswick Government

The province and Ottawa have announced more than $934,000 for three projects to improve water and wastewater services in St. George.

A release states the projects will build and improve wells to increase the supply of clean drinking water, improve sewer and water mains along Carleton and Portage streets and update the wastewater treatment system.

"Water and wastewater infrastructure play an important role in maintaining quality of living in communities throughout the province and country," said Justice Minister and Attorney General Andrea Anderson-Mason, who is also the minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation. "By investing in the Town of St. George's lagoon aeration system, wells and water mains, we are not only preserving public health and protecting the environment but are equipping the town with the infrastructure it needs to spur population and economic growth."

The mayor of the Town of St. George, Crystal Cook says the investments will improve people's quality of life.

The province says the town is providing more than $384,000 towards the projects.