Gas and diesel drop below $1/L overnight in N.B.

Gas pump

The price of both gas and diesel dropped below $1.00/L after the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board made its weekly price reset overnight.

A litre of regular self-serve gasoline is down 2.9 cents to a new maximum price of $0.990/L.

Diesel is down two full cents to a new top price of $0.997/L.

Propane is down 0.3 cents to sit at $0.992/L.

Many retailers will sell for a few cents less than the maximum retail price.

Changes to maximum prices are mandated to come into effect every Thursday morning in New Brunswick, with wholesalers given notice of price changes the day before.

There are some exceptions, including when a statutory holiday falls on a Wednesday. 

When this occurrs, as it did with Canada Day this week, wholesalers are notified of price changes on Thursday and the changes take effect Friday at 12:01 a.m.

Across the border in Nova Scotia, the maximum price for a litre of self-serve gasoline is set at $0.975, while a litre of diesel can cost as much as $0.905.