Group wants temporary foreign farm workers in N.B. to get priority on vaccine list


The head of a group representing New Brunswick farmers wants temporary foreign workers included high on the COVID-19 vaccination list as a way to protect the province's food supply.
New Brunswick Agriculture Alliance president Lisa Ashworth says seasonal workers in agriculture and seafood processing should be included in the second round of vaccinations after health-care workers and residents of long-term care homes.
She says the 200 foreign agriculture workers who travel to New Brunswick each year help feed several hundred thousand people in the province.
Health Minister Dorothy Shephard, however, says the government doesn't plan to make temporary foreign workers a priority for COVID vaccinations.
She says the best way to protect against the arrival of COVID-19 is with a 14-day isolation period.
Shephard says the health order worked well last year and that all cases among foreign workers were caught during their isolation period.