Hurricane Dorian expected in Atlantic Canada this weekened

Hurricane Dorian 9-6-19

Officials in Atlantic Canada are warning everyone not to be complacent ahead of the expected weekend arrival of hurricane Dorian.

The Category 2 hurricane has knocked out power to more than 200-thousand homes and businesses in North Carolina and is heading north.

Environment Canada meteorologist Linda Libby says it's not clear if the massive storm will transition from tropical to post-tropical by the time it hit parts of Atlantic Canada and Quebec on Saturday.

She warns that it is better to be prepared and underwhelmed than to be under-prepared and unable to deal with what actually occurs.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the most likely track would bring Dorian south of the Maritimes on Saturday, pushing through eastern Nova Scotia late in the day.

The forecast calls for severe winds and rainfall to have major impacts for southeastern New Brunswick, P-E-I, Nova Scotia, western Newfoundland and Quebec's Lower North Shore.

The highest amounts of rain are likely for Nova Scotia and the Gulf of St. Lawrence region, with the possibility of as much as 100 millimetres to the north and west of Dorian.

Officials say everyone in these areas should have enough food, water, medication and supplies for at least 72 hours.