Include offices of PM, ministers under Access to Information law: info watchdog


The federal information watchdog is calling for the offices of the prime minister and other cabinet members to be included under the Access to Information Act.
Information commissioner Caroline Maynard says the records these offices hold, with the exception of those of a personal or political nature, should be accessible to the public
Maynard makes the recommendation in a newly released submission to the Liberal government, which is conducting a full review of the access law, intended to be a key accountability tool for Canadians.
Bringing ministerial offices under the access law would honour a promise Justin Trudeau made in the 2015 election campaign but backed away from after assuming power.
Instead, the Liberals introduced a requirement that ministers publish information including mandate letters, certain briefing materials, and travel and hospitality expenses.
However, Maynard says, ministers' offices have other materials relating to their duties that fall outside this obligation.