'Job intensive:' Study says clean energy fast track to employment


New research suggests job growth from clean energy will dramatically outpace that from fossil fuels over the next decade.

Merran Smith of Clean Energy Canada, a think-tank at Simon Fraser University, says clean energy will create jobs at nearly four times the rate of other sectors of the Canadian economy.

Meanwhile, both investment and employment in fossil fuels is forecast to shrink slightly.

She says that while fossil fuels will be bigger for a long time to come, the economic growth will come from clean energy.

Her group says nearly 300-thousand people were already working in clean energy by 2017, and that's expected to grow to more than half a million by the end of the next decade.

Her conclusions fall in line with other energy economists in Canada and abroad.

Smith cautions that those forecasts assume Canada maintains or increases its policies on climate change.

In the current federal election campaign, the Conservatives have promised to dismantle key features such as the carbon tax.