Jury selection almost complete for fitness hearing in Fredericton murder case


Jury selection will continue into a third day Wednesday in the hearing to determine if a Fredericton man is fit to stand trial on four counts of first-degree murder.

Matthew Raymond, 49, is accused of killing Fredericton police constables Sara Burns and Robb Costello and civilians Donnie Robichaud and Bobbie Lee Wright outside a Fredericton apartment complex in August 2018.

Fitness means that an accused understands the charges against them and can instruct a lawyer on how they wish to be defended.

About 800 people were registered Monday at a Fredericton hockey rink, and on Tuesday almost 60 were questioned at the Fredericton courthouse in an effort to get a jury of 12 people and two alternates.

By the end of the day Tuesday, four men and eight women had been chosen to sit on the jury. Two alternates will be chosen Wednesday before the court begins hearing evidence.

The exact details of the selection process, including the questions being asked of the potential jurors, are subject to a publication ban.