Kasirer praised for keen mind, collegiality at Supreme Court welcoming ceremony


Colleagues praised Nicholas Kasirer as a nimble legal mind and devoted professional as they welcomed the newest member of the Supreme Court of Canada in a ceremony today.

The fluently bilingual Kasirer served on the Quebec Court of Appeal for a decade and spent 20 years as a professor of law at Montreal's McGill University, including as dean of the law faculty.

Kasirer was confirmed as a high court judge in August after being nominated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Chief Justice Richard Wagner says Kasirer has already demonstrated a deep sense of collegiality, devotion and pride in his work.

David Lametti, who served as justice minister in Trudeau's most recent cabinet, notes Kasirer has joined the court at a time when it looks to be more accessible to Canadians.

Lametti says he is confident Kasirer will help advance these efforts.