Legault condemns Quebec solidaire's position on 'illegal' climate protest action

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois

The Quebec government is condemning an opposition party for refusing to denounce the actions of climate activists who scaled a Montreal bridge and overtook a downtown street on Tuesday.

The left-leaning party Quebec solidaire doubled down on its stance today, reaffirming support for the environmental activists behind the disruptive action.

The party's co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, said this morning the Coalition Avenir Quebec government is using outrage over the protests to shield from its own ``climate-passivity.''

He said Quebec solidaire's position is that if the method of action is peaceful, it is acceptable.

Quebec solidaire was the only provincial party that did not denounce the tactics employed by the Quebec chapter of the group known as Extinction Rebellion during Tuesday's demonstration.

One of the three people arrested after climbing up the Jacques Cartier Bridge was identified as a Quebec solidaire party member and school teacher.