Liberal, Conservative MPs join international task force to curb anti-Semitism online


Liberal MP Anthony Housefather and Conservative MP Marty Morantz are joining an international task force aimed at making web giants do more to combat anti-Semitism online.
Politicians from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are also involved in a bid to draft policies that social media platforms could use to address the issue.

Housefather says none of the companies want to create country-specific policies on the issue and the hope is that if all legislators can agree on an approach, it's more likely to see results.

The task force is getting underway just as the federal Liberals promised in last week's throne speech to take more action to curb online hate as part an effort to address systemic racism.

Housefather says the group's initial work predates that pledge but he hopes it can support the government's own efforts.

The Tory MP in the group, Marty Morantz, says efforts to stamp out anti-Semitism online must also be understood as being part of efforts to protect all groups from hate speech.