Missing ballots, donations, last-minute rule changes undermine Green race: candidates

green party of canada

Missing ballots and donations, combined with last-minute rule changes, have two contenders for the federal Green party's leadership questioning the legitimacy of the race.
Leadership hopeful Glen Murray said Wednesday that the final results, to be tallied Saturday, will likely be announced before the full picture is known about how many of his campaign donations never got properly forwarded from the central party.
The Green party said Tuesday it accidentally kept thousands of dollars in donations that were supposed to go to Murray, leaving him with significantly less money to use for campaigning.
And on top of missing money, his campaign is now hearing from some people who said they signed up to vote for him but never got an email to tell them how to do so.
More than 99 per cent of the Green's 35,000 members opted to vote electronically in the race, and were to be sent an email telling them how to vote when balloting opened on Sept. 26.
Murray said his campaign has not yet confirmed ``anecdotal'' reports of supporters not getting ballots.  He urged patience as things get figured out but could not keep the disappointment out of his voice as he acknowledged there may be no way for the party rectify what has happened.