MPs warned to watch their words after MP asked if she'd ever considered sex work

Parliament Hill

Members of Parliament are being told to think twice about how they're framing the ideas they advance in the House of Commons after a Tory MP asked a New Democrat whether she'd ever considered sex work.

The admonishment from the deputy speaker was aimed at Alberta MP Arnold Viersen.

Viersen and the New Democrats' Laurel Collins were debating a Conservative motion calling for a review of the National Parole Board after a murderer on day parole allegedly killed sex worker Marylene Levesque in Quebec City.

Viersen called the board's decision to allow him to see a sex worker appalling, and suggested among other things it sends a message that buying a person is acceptable.

Collins asked to him to consider whether previous Conservative legislation criminalizing many elements of the sex trade could have been a factor in the death.

That's when Viersen asked Collins whether sex work was an area of work she'd considered, aiming, he said, to show that sex work isn't a career choice like any other.