N.B. anticipates upcoming budget


The 2020 provincial budget might be one of the most anticipated New Brunswick budgets.

"I'm going to be looking at what's happening at social development in terms of improving the wellbeing of people that social development are responsible for," says Coon. "I'm looking at-on the health care side-what are they putting in the budget that actually is going to make an important difference. For example, reducing the supply, the flow of people into our hospitals and into our ERs."

In February, MLA Robert Gauvin stepped away from the Conservative Party as he was upset with health care reform. The Liberal Party has promised to vote down the budget, no matter what's in it, but they need the Green Party's three members to topple the government.

Coon says it will be a free vote for his caucus.

"We've all said we want to read the budget first before we make our decision," says Coon.

People's Alliance leader, Kris Austin, says he's looking forward to the budget and believes most residents want the current minority government to continue on, noting the three alliance members will be voting together.

"What I'm really looking for is at least some movement on the tax reform file. I want to see a reduction to-an eventual elimination of-the double tax," says Austin. "I can't find anybody, except for Kevin Vickers, that wants an election."

And residents agree.

"I wish we could work and have… that they could work together," says one resident. "A minority government, with the Conservatives or with the Liberals - but not going to an election.

A Liberal spokesperson says the party will have more to say soon; meanwhile, the confidence vote on the budget will likely happen on March 20.

(With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Brown)