N.B. Liberal leader promises to put province's economic agency 'on steroids'


Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers says the province needs a growth agenda, not what he says are austerity and cuts promoted by Premier Blaine Higgs.
Vickers told a business audience today he would put the province's economic development agency, Opportunity New Brunswick, "on steroids.''
Speaking later to the same group, Higgs said the budget his government tabled in the spring is paying off and he's not inventing anything new during the campaign.
He adds that the province needs to find new ways to provide health services as the demand for doctors increases.
Business leaders in New Brunswick say they want party leaders to put a business lens on decisions if they form government after the Sept. 14 provincial election.
Campaigning leaders usually pitch their platforms at business gatherings in the province's larger cities, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place, business groups in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John are using video conferencing instead.

Green Party Leader David Coon announced Tuesday his government would immediately increase the funding to the Chief Medical Officer's office as regional offices around the province.

He added he would ensure the Chief Medical Officer is truly independent and able to make reports and recommendations on issues that affect the health of New Brunswickers.

(With files from Bell Media's Charles M. Renshaw)