N.B. to miss 2030 carbon target without action: Coon

green party of canada

Green Party Leader David Coon says the province will fail to achieve its goal of a 3.6 million tonne reduction in emissions by 2030 without bold new initiatives.

In a release, Coon says progress on cutting emissions has been stalled since 2013, despite the Climate Action Plan adopted by the Gallant government and endorsed by the Higgs government.

"The last time that emissions saw a meaningful decline in NB was from 2012 - 2013, with a 2 million tonne cut in carbon pollution. Since then our emissions have been stagnant, which means we fail to achieve the 3.6 million tonne reduction by 2030 set out in our Climate Change Act without bold new initiatives," said Coon.

Premier Higgs announced in December that his government endorsed the Climate Action Plan of the Gallant government, but the Green Party says he has failed to implement any of its commitments.

The province's carbon emissions amount to 14.3 million tonnes per year, while the objective of the Climate Change Act is to reduce them to 10.7 million tonnes per year by 2030.