N.B. voter information cards to arrive this week

Elections New Brunswick

Elections New Brunswick says more than half a million New Brunswickers will receive their voter information cards in the mail this week.

The cards will show where and when voting can take place in the general election on September 14.

Chief Electoral Officer Kim Poffenroth says in a release, "The cards allow our workers to process electors more quickly which, in turn, will help reduce the amount of time the electors have to spend inside the polling stations."

Each household will receive voter cards for each eligible voter living at that location.

A release states that some voter information was not received in time to be corrected on voter cards, but the information on where and when to vote that is printed on the cards is still valid.

Elections New Brunswick says eligible voters who do not receive a voter information card, or who do not bring it to the polling station, will have their information checked against the voters list, or have it added to the voters list, before being allowed to cast their ballot.

Voting information can also be found on the Elections New Brunswick website.