NB First Nation Chiefs denounce RCMP raid on authorized Eel River Bar First Nation cannabis vendor


Indigenous leaders say a recent raid on an authorized cannabis vendor on the Eel River Bar First Nation represents another low in the deteriorating relations between First Nations and the Crown in New Brunswick.

Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn Incorporated(MTI) says the RCMP failed to notify or get authorization from from Eel River Bar Chief and Council, but notified the media beforehand.

The Mi'gmaq are a self-governing national and a resolution was passed in August 2020 by Mi'gmaq Chiefs authorizing their communities to regulate or prohibit the sale of cannabis in their communities.

Eel River Bar Chief Sacha LaBillois says the Crown continues to demonstrate its unwillingness to work with First Nations, and its misguided belief it knows better than First Nations what is best for their communities.

In a statement Friday, MTI accuses the Higgs government of recently reallocating money from the mental health strategy to RCMP drug enforce in an effort to deal with mental health issues through the criminal justice system.

Metepenagiag First Nation Chief Bill Ward says the RCMP has caused sufficient suffering and that First Nation communities don't need their assistance enforcing community laws or, what he says is a continued unjustified and unlawful attack on their sovereignty

The Chiefs say they're currently discussing their next steps which could include a ban on Provincial government officials and RCMP entering communities without permission.