NB Greens call for elimination of 'Household Income Policy'

Green Party of New Brunswick leader

The province's Green Party is calling for better income support for New Brunswickers with disabilities.

Leader David Coon says New Brunswick's current "Household Income Policy" is punitive and prevents those with a disability receiving social assistance from sharing accommodations.

Coon is asking the province to eliminate the policy and establish a "Guaranteed Annual Income" for people with a disability.

Meanwhile, as the province observes "Disabilities Awareness Week", Coon says legislation and policies haven't advanced very far despite significant progress in raising awareness.

Coon says Premier Blaine Higgs can show he's serious about ensuring people with disabilities can live a dignified life by implementing 43 recommendations from the "Premier's Council on Disabilities" report.

Disabilities Awareness Week runs October 4th to 10th.