NB Liquor, Cannabis NB ramp up COVID-19 precautions

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Liquor and cannabis stores in New Brunswick are taking extra precautions as the number of cases shot up to 26 on Wednesday.

The CBC reports customers will now be screened before entering stores by filling out a short survey, which includes questions around recent travel history and if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, employees will not let you enter the store.

The CBC says there is no concrete plan for how the surveys will be conducted or enforced, nor any indication of their being a knock on affect to increasing wait times or creating lines outside stores.

ANBL and Cannabis NB staff have also been asked to self-screen before starting their shifts.

Other precautions the retailers are taking include the installation of Plexiglass shields at checkouts, implementing temporary no return and no cash policies, and discontinuing growler fillings and in-store tastings.

Store hours have also been reduced, and there's a cap on the number of customers that can be in a store at any given time.

(With files from the CBC)